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Brainsto is the easiest way to tap into your colleagues’ intelligence to find solutions for the projects you’re working on.

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Brainsto makes brainstorming simple, efficient and fun for you and your team.

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Find the most performing solutions from day 1. Minimize risk of failure. 76% of innovations fail in year 1 and billions of dollars are lost. Not for you from this day forward.


Save time for you, your team, and the whole company. An executive spends 16 years of his life in meetings. Divide it by 10, you have SO much better to do.


Turn thinking together as what it should have always been: fun and fulfilling. 70% of attendees are bored during a meeting. Time for fun, short and efficient brainstorming.

You’re in good company.
Hundreds of companies of all sizes and tens of thousands of people around the world use Braineet's collaborative products like Brainsto to find the best solutions through collective intelligence.

Three Steps To Find The Best Ideas Together